The most important Factors to Consider before Selecting a HVAC System


Have you thought of the extreme temperatures that summer and winter bring? This means that a HVAC has become a necessary equipment in every household. There are many air conditioning options in the modern day which include ductless ac, mini-splits ductless heat pump among others. Even with this better options people still prefer the traditional HVAC systems for their households. While it may be a daunting task to select the best HVAC most people still choose it based on the brand and price no wonder, there are so many brands available today. In this article, we delve into the important factors to consider when you need to buy a HVAC.

The type

HVAC system can be categorized into 5 types, all of them work perfectly but depending on your needs and features you are looking for consider the following;

Furnaces; this is the type that burns fuel provided through hooking it up to a local utility company’s supply and storage tank which is periodically fuel-filled.

Air conditioners; it is a central air type that has specialized components connected through refrigerant and power cable lines.

Air source heat pump; this works through refrigerant lines by capturing heat and moving it from one place to another.

Geothermal heat pump; captures heat from earth or water body then moves it around

Ductless heat pump; they use outdoor heat pump as well as 4 other indoor air handling units for heating and cooling products. It can also be called mini split-pump

The size of your home or building

When you need to install a new HVAC system, you need to know the size of the building where the AC will be installed. This helps you to fit in the perfect system for the size of the house. Assuming you install a small HVAC in a way larger room, not only will it not serve its warming and cooling purpose but it will also be wasting energy and money.

The energy efficiency

This is an important factor because when you use high-efficiency HVAC you save so much energy and lower the cost.

  • The seasonal efficiency energy ratio(SEER) shows you the efficiency of the system. If the SEER ratio is high then the efficiency ratio of the equipment is high too.
  • Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) always controls the efficiency ratings of the heating system which means if high then the system is efficient.
  • Heating seasonal performance factor(HSPF) shows you the heating process of the heat pumps.

To determine the efficiency of the AC you can use the above elements to check.

The maintenance of the AC

Once you determine the AC you intend to buy, find a professional to install it for you and advise you if the product is of good quality too. Remember, taking care of it may sustain it longer to avoid constant breakdowns.

In addition, when doing your research check the functionality of the HVAC you intend to buy, its furnace and boilers life as well as the quality of the AC. Go for a product that is common in the market and that which the local HVAC specialists are familiar with just in case it breaks down and you need to repair it.

Finally, buying a HVAC needs more than just money concentration check the above features for a good product and proper installation.